Thursday, June 28, 2012

Mind, Body, Soul # 2


Well, I won't go into too much detail about today's SCOTUS decision. I am thankful to have graduated law school when I did so that I may better (not fully) understand the issues. I may not agree with the outcome, but I certainly respect the process about which I have learned so much over the past three years. What does this have to to do with Diabetes? Well, it's healthcare. This decision has far-reaching ramifications likely beyond my understanding. Also, it will affect Andrew's profession profoundly. So, the Holts have an interest in learning more about this. Good or bad? Who's to know yet? Let it be known that this decision may positively affect a lot of people in a lot of ways. In fact, a lot of laws or regulations that I oppose seek to do great things. I don't oppose them out of any desire to withhold help from people. I want these things also, but I prefer to go about the changes in different ways. That's all. It all boils down to my personal views on the role of government in my life. Very few people would argue that changes need to be made, but we disagree on how to do it. The sad thing is that all the political vitriol has made the issue such a divisive one that we often lose sight of the fact that the main goal is to solve the problem and not alienate each other. I don't want people thinking that because I am Diabetic, I should think one or way or another. Would a law that regulated sugar in the foods we consume be beneficial to Diabetics? You bet it would, but I'd much rather the government foster that idea in the form of encouragement, education, and awareness than under the notion of trying to save me from myself. That's all. These philosophical differences are a beautiful thing, so I am not sure what good is served by attacking people based upon them. 


I went back for my first follow-up visit with my endocrinologist one week ago. It went well. I didn't get an a1c test because it had only been two months from my last one (upon diagnosis), and insurance requires three months between them...or so I am told. He did look at printouts of all my blood sugar readings and tell me I am doing a good job. I made a list, in true neurotic fashion, of all the questions I had been accumulating, so it is nice to have those off my chest. I will probably get on a pump in a few months. I may start a series of posts in which I feature a different pump, because I have no idea how one would ever choose! After my appointment, I met with one of the dietician ladies who confirmed my unit-to-carb ratio (1:9 at breakfast; 1:15 at lunch and dinner). I showed her the types of food I had been eating (you know, because the topic of weight gain did come up), and she actually told me to eat more carbs. I was probably eating less than 50 carbs per-day, and she recommends 30 carbs per-meal to keep an active metabolism and energy source. So, I guess I need to stop demonizing carbs in my head. For exercise, I have incorporated running intervals. So, I might do a jog for 1 -1.5 miles, and then run intervals that same distance back home. For example, I might start at the nearest tree in a slow jog and build up to a full-steam sprint. Hey, I am just trying to change it up. It is so hot outside that 45-minute runs seem out of the question, so I am trying to expend a lot of energy in a shorter period of time. Make sense?


I think the biggest food for my soul is to remember to keep everything in perspective. Recently, I was  thinking about how fortunate I feel that Diabetes is a disease of daily management as opposed to a guaranteed death sentence. It takes a lot of maintenance and attention, don't get me wrong; however, there are thousands of worse diagnoses out there. Then, Andrew and I were talking one night over dinner about how Diabetes is a first-world disease. When I said that, I didn't mean it in terms of who has Diabetes. I meant it in terms of who can best manage Diabetes. Here's perspective - I had meters and strips given to me, and I still do when I go to the endocrinologist. I am able to go to the Apple Store and try the new meter technology. I am able to download apps that help me count carbohydrates. I have  a food scale to help count carbohydrates. I have access to grocery stores in which I can choose which foods are best for managing my Diabetes. I have a new Dexcom that reads my blood sugar every five minutes. The Endo gave me two free insulin pens on my last visit. If I don't know how to do something, I have resources I can call or video I can watch. I have a bracelet on my wrist so people can help me if they find me in trouble.  Why am I saying all of this? Diabetics in very poor countries (and poor areas of our own country) have none/very little of this. They are lucky if they are able to get a diagnosis of Diabetes before the complications from it take their lives. It's hard to think about what you should eat when you are too busy thinking about if you'll eat at all.  So, when I look back on the rest of this post with that in mind, I feel a bit silly. Jordan, your country has a sound political process to arrive at court decisions. The citizens respect the rule of law and are able to debate the laws without the fear of persecution. Oh, and Jordan, weight gain? You. Have. Food. and more than enough toys to figure out how food works with your disease to keep yourself safe. At the end of the day, isn't safety the most important thing?

I write this not to be a downer. I know it can be a tired story to use other people's misfortune to make you feel better about yourself, but it doesn't have to be that way. It can be a catalyst to change your mind, shift your perspective, and help others. It is really easy for me to get wrapped up in my Diabetes. My doctor said to me when I came for the very first time, "hey, if you're going to be Diabetic, now is an exciting time to have the disease." I know what he meant. We have all this exciting, new technology. We are working toward a cure. But sometimes, on my more cynical days, I think to myself...sure, it is a good time to be America...if you have money...

I'll figure out how to use my Diabetes for a selfless purpose one day, but for now, I just have a blog.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Running High

The rigor of Barbri is starting to pick up, and that is why you haven't seen many posts as of late. I am tempted to pack in a week's worth of updates in one post, but I will spare you. This image depicts another "first" in my Diabetic journey. I woke up to go running, and up went my blood sugar. But thought exercise was supposed to lower my blood sugar. I thought so too. I did a little research. When I wake up, if I haven't eaten breakfast and given myself insulin, I am working with whatever is left of my long-acting insulin that I gave myself before bedtime. With the rigor of my workout Sunday morning, it drove the blood sugar upward. There is probably a lot more science to it than that, but I went to law school so I didn't have to know that sort of thing :)

Soon, I will start featuring video on this blog. I have mixed feelings about video. I, for one, have relied on video to learn how to use some of this new technology, so I know it can be helpful. It can also be fun, but I will have to come to terms with how awkward I feel recording them! I made one on how to check your blood sugar, but I don't know how to upload it.

Also, I plan on featuring an interview with Andrew (non-video) describing each of his rotations in medical school. He just finished his family medicine rotation, and I wanted to document how he felt about it. I think he will be glad I did it when he looks back on all of them. That is coming soon. 

Other things to look forward to? 
More recipes. What is Halle Berry? More "Mind. Body. Soul." And my belated progress report on the dreaded side effect of weight gain.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sexy Dexy and Peppermint Mochas

Greeeetings to all the functioning and ill-functioning pancreases out there! Pancreases. I would rather it be Pancreai, but I was not consulted on the matter. As you may be able to tell, I am in a terrific mood on this Tuesday. I am in a great mood despite the fact that I am pancreas-deep in Barbri Torts information. But hey, I like Torts. Maybe it is because I liked my Torts professor (shout out to Tortman if you're reading!)

Why so chipper? Three reasons:

(1) Diabetic Peppermint Mocha. What? All my dreams...realized. Want to try it yourself? Coffee of Choice (mine is Dunkin' Donuts) + Sweetener (Stevia) + 1 TSP of Cocoa Powder + 6 Drops of Peppermint Stevia. Yes, yum...even if this is a wintery treat. It is part of my new obsessed-with-colder-weather thing.

(2) Tight Control. For some reason, all my blood sugar readings over the past two days have been spot-on, hovering between 85-120. I'm loving it - especially because I know, with Diabetes, such successes can be so temporary :)

(3) Sexy Dexy. Are you dying to know what this means? Okay, fine. You know I typically check my blood sugar via a finger-prick 6-10 times per day? I don't have to do that any longer. Well, I don't have to do it as often. I check that often to pick up on trends regarding how my body reacts to certain foods or other stimuli like exercise or stress. Today, I received my Dexcom Seven Plus Continuous Glucose Monitor. This contraption has a sensor and transmitter that attach to my body. A tiny needle checks my blood sugar every five minutes and charts it on a graph, which shows up on my receiver. The Dexcom shows me trends almost in real time. So, I know if my blood sugar is trending high, low, or is stable. This is beneficial information when you are exercising, sleeping, or guessing on carbohydrates. The Dexcom also includes the ability to alert you through vibrations and beeps when you are too high or too low. At the moment, my device is charging. I am told that takes 3 hours. I have watched a zillion tutorials and watched my buddy, Stephanie (shout out!), show me how it works. I still think I will  be a little rusty this first time. I keep checking the charge to see if it is finished. It's like the watched pot that never boils. A watched Dexcom never charges. You didn't know? Free fun fact. While I wait in anticipation [and while procrastinating with Barbri], I look up YouTube videos of Ryan Gosling. I'm obsessed. Don't worry, Andrew knows. Did you know that he sings? I think that means he has to play Christian Grey. I digress... I don't know why I am so excited about this thing charging. That means the next step is to inject myself with a needle. You'd think I'd be all take your time, Dexy. Nope. What's another needle? Let's do this...

C'mon, CHARGE!

 Stephanie attached this to an e-mail that she first wrote me after I was diagnosed. Now he only thinks of me about 120 ml/dL per day, but I'll take it. 

This was lunch today. It consisted of Holiday Ham's Egg and Olive Salad.
[My mom would be proud. My dad would be vomiting.]
That shell that looks oh-so-carby is made by the Food for Life brand. 
Yes, Ezekiel tortillas. 
11 Net Carbs.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Grocery Round-Up

Going to the grocery store used to be my least favorite thing to do. Do you ever walk in Kroger, grow overwhelmed, and grab either way too much or way too little? You know, you only went for paper towels, but somehow you left with everything in the store with the exception of paper towels...

Do you find that you like the idea of eating healthily, but you find the process of researching recipes, buying ingredients, and preparing the food to be a bit daunting? 

I've been there. I have a few tips that have helped me become excited about researching recipes, motivate me to get to the store, and make me excited to prepare the food.

Before Leaving the House:

- Find your motivator. There are few upsides to being Diabetic, in my opinion; however, it gives me a HUGE incentive to watch what I eat and know exactly what is going into my body. The law of odds would suggest that the vast majority of you reading this are not contending with Diabetes. That being said, there are a variety of motivators that can be used to catalyze your journey into healthier eating. Does your family have a history of hypertension? Do you really want to lose weight? Do you find that you lack energy? These are just a few of the reasons that you should be excited to try new, healthier foods. I never really ate junk food 100% of the time, but I always indulged in that which I was craving. That means that I understand the magnitude of the sacrifice. There is nothing fun about saying good riddance to weekly trips to TCBY or nixing the full-bodied lattes at Starbucks. Here is the truth that I always found hard to believe, until now - give yourself a week without it, and you won't miss it. That only works if you have found satisfying snack replacements. They are out there, so dedicate yourself to the transition. I wouldn't know 75% of the things I know now about food if I weren't incentivized to investigate. Now, I blush when I think about my old meals a Chili's. The calories, salt, fat, sugar, and carbs add up quickly. Several of those meals provide more than you are recommended to have in one day, and most of us can consume it in thirty minutes. You do get to chart your path. No one can make you give up any one food. Your doctor can't. Your parents can't. Your spouse can't. You have to find your motivator. If you're not motivated, the rest of my advice is a waste of time. To you I say have an extra scoop for me :)

- Research & List. There are so many ways to access recipes and healthy ideas these days. Whether you google it, search it on Pinterest, or use old-fashioned cookbooks, you can find appealing recipes. If you think of recipes in terms of what you'll eat for a given week, then you won't find it all that daunting, especially if you don't mind leftovers. You may also find pre-prepared grocery lists online or in some diet books. They give you suggestions as to which foods to buy in the grocery store that provide you healthy options at home. I use one of these, because I forget all the ideas I come up with in a given day. Also, google printables. So many websites have cute lists you can printout yourself to make the process more fun.

- Eat before you go. It's true. If I grocery shop on an empty stomach, I am likely to purchase the entire store. Not only that, but I am likely to want the junk. Frankly, when I am hungry, anything sounds like a good idea to eat. If you're full, you will look at that bag of Doritos and think the idea of eating a Dorito right now makes me want to gag. That bag of Doritos will not be invited into your basket. Crisis averted. That is easy for me to say because I have always hated Doritos. In fairness, I probably should have said ice cream.

While at the Store:

- Here are a few staples in the Holt kitchen that I have grown both to depend on and love.

 Wasa crackers, Laughing Cow Cheese, Apples, Bananas, Grapefruit, Watermelon, Chia Seeds, Ground Flaxseed, Protein Powder, Ground Cinnamon, Sea Salt, Edamame, Kale, Olive Oil, Lettuce, Low-Sodium Tuna, String Cheese, Sugar-Free French Vanilla Coffee Creamer, Cauliflower, Carrots, Light Veggie Dip, Hummus, Peanut Butter/PB2/Almond Butter, Black Beans, Sugar-Free Strawberry Preserves, FiberChoice Chewables, Avocado, Stevia, Balsamic Vinaigrette, Coconut Milk, Carb Smart Yogurt, Cottage Cheese, Eggs, Ezekiel Bread.

 Do I suggest that you go buy all of these things? Certainly not. Create your own unique pantry based on the things you know you like or are willing to try. I was not an open-minded eater, but I've learned be one. If I hadn't opened my mind, I would never have tried cauliflower mashed potatoes, which I love. I would never know that you don't actually need flour to make pancakes. I would never knew that you can get very full on a salad full of vegetables. Don't be afraid to try things or make substitutions. You'll be so pleased when you discover that the healthier things can be just as satisfying!

 Home with the Grub:

- If you find a meal you like, eat it twice (or more). When I make taco salad, for example, I typically have a lot of leftover meat and beans. It would be very easy for me to eat the meal again rather than waste half the food. Invest in some tupperware, and make your grocery purchases last for you all week! I never used to like warmed-over food, but I've learned to love it (some more than others).

- Organize. There have been times when my pantry and refrigerator were so cluttered that the kitchen actually stressed me out. I never knew if opening the pantry was going to result in an avalanche of cereal boxes. Andrew recently organized both, and it has made cooking and eating a much more pleasant experience. I know where everything is when I need it. Also, I think I have mentioned that I am a marketer's dream. Knowing this, I display healthy foods at eye level, so that I don't forget that I bought the blueberries.

Hey, no one is holding a gun to your head and making you walk into Whole Foods. There are folks out there that can go an entire lifetime eating McDonald's and never suffer from it. I find it hard to believe, but I am sure they exist. I think eating is an emotion-rich experience. Most of us actually feel happy when we eat. If eating junk food is deeply intertwined with your happiness, it is not my job to talk you out of it. It is your doctor's job, so I'll let folks like Andrew talk you out of it. My intended audience? Those folks who want to eat healthier but don't know where to start. I've been there. I am still working through it. Truthfully, no one is holding a gun to my head and making me eat healthier food either. As a Diabetic, I may eat whatever you eat as long as I can compensate with the proper amount of insulin. That doesn't mean I should. Diabetes has served as my motivator,  or my catalyst, to choosing nutrient-rich foods. Please believe me when I say...if I can do it, you can do it.

These things rock. They probably wouldn't rock quite as much without the spread. The spread may look like butter, but this is much less Paula Dean. It is Laughing Cow Light Swiss (0 Carbs & 35 Calories). You see the nutrition for crackers above. These are not club crackers sizes either. They are pretty big rectangles! YUM...

These don't really look appetizing. Truth be told, they aren't great. I was doing some research on making rolls that were Diabetic-friendly. These are made from 3 eggs, Stevia, and Cottage Cheese. I didn't use large enough spoonfuls, so they are, well...disks. If you miss bread, and are looking for something similar, try it out. It was way easy. It also served to be my only positive experience with beating egg whites. 

I have a sweet mom. She knows I don't do much in the way of cooking, so she offered to make me roast. The cheesy number in the back is actually cauliflower mashed potatoes. This meal was extremely filling, despite having no potato!

This was the wedding cake topper that Andrew and I dug into on our anniversary. I've heard horror stories about how nasty people's cakes are one year later. This cake was still amazing. This has been one of my favorite exceptions to the "you probably shouldn't be eating this" rule. 

PLEASE feel free to share websites or recipes with me. I cannot get enough ideas! 

Monday, June 11, 2012

First Wedding Anniversary

So, it is Monday. Typically, I prefer to give my weekly progress reports on Monday, but something takes priority today - the Holt 1-Year Wedding Anniversary!  Additionally, my two-month anniversary of diagnosis is Thursday, so I will give a progress report that day because I like the logic of doing that much better. It is a nice, round number.

I have to admit, I can hardly believe we have been married for a whole year. This time last year, I was with friends, awaiting the big day. I was calm, and I was ready to just be married. I knew the first year would bring challenges because of medical school and law school, but that aspect of marriage has been so easy. If I may toot our marital horn, we do a great job of respecting each other's time and space when necessary. I knew better than to bug Andrew when he was studying for exams or Boards. I picked up a lot more chores in order to take the burden off of him. Likewise, he has been a saint so far during my studying for the Bar Exam. If anything really defined this first year of marriage, it was definitely the mutual rigor of school.

That being said, although only about (7) weeks of our first year of marriage were "Diabetic" weeks, it has been those (7) weeks that have meant the most to me. Andrew was out of town in Belize when I went to the hospital, and it was very hard for me, but my friends and parents were amazing. When he came home, he immediately dove into the whole routine with me. If I want advice, he is there. If I want a medical perspective on something, he will listen. When I know I have to eat around certain times and avoid certain foods, he accommodates. And most importantly, when I am thin on patience or being a neurotic hypochondriac, he doesn't judge me. He talks me through it. One of the things I have tried to tackle after diagnosis is realizing that this disease doesn't only affect me. It affects Andrew every day because he is married to me. We work through the good times and the frustrating times together. You know, when I would hear marriage vows about "in sickness and in health," I always think of one of us having the flu or being 85-years-old and battling the process of aging. I never would have imagined that this part of the vows would become applicable so soon. It may sound like a no-brainer that your husband would stick by your side when you're diagnosed with something like this, but that is something I try my hardest not to take for granted. He has to listen to me when I think my swollen ankles are a product of a blood clot. He has to listen to me when I think the anxiety symptoms I am experiencing mean I have the flu. He has to listen to me when I think both my swollen lymph nodes on the back of my head are symmetrical tumors. I know, what you're, what a head case. Truthfully, sometimes I really am. My worst fear was realized - I had a disease brewing in my body that tried to get me. Now, it isn't so easy for me to ignore even the smallest aches or pains without worrying about something bigger being wrong. So, Andrew also gets to keep me sane. I'll be honest - most days are relatively normal days, days only mildly interrupted by the daily grind that comes with being a Diabetic.

All that to say, it has been a great year of marriage! We accomplished a lot. He survived and aced his Boards. I graduated from law school. All the while, we kept the balance of fitness (Insanity, running, biking), family time, friend time, and time together. Andrew and I are not the type to celebrate these things. We may go to dinner next weekend, but we aren't doing gifts. I do want to get my paws on that wedding cake, though.

I am thankful for Andrew, and I look forward to many long, healthy years together. 

Andrew made lettuce wraps last night. It would take me an entire month of posts to describe all of the meals he has cooked this year. He is definitely a better chef than I! 

This is an example of the small things. Andrew knows that my Lululemon clothes do not go in the dryer. That being said, rather than figure out which of my workout clothes are Lululemon, he assumes they all are and hangs them over the door to dry. This is actually something that makes my day!

This is an array of pictures from this year. The top-left is a picture of us one week ago at a going-away party for friends. The top-right was when we were all in the bathroom during a bout of tornado warnings. He always gets all the pillows, radio, and flashlight. Then, he has to convince me that I need to get in the bathroom because I'd rather be watching the tornado. [Yes, I am more frightened of lymph nodes than I am of natural disasters - remember, it's not logical!] The bottom left is a picture from our Honeymoon in Maui. We decided to go snorkeling. It was a big step for me, and I only lasted about ten minutes before I wigged out. The bottom right is a picture I took when I woke up one morning of his dedication to studying. He puts me to shame in a lot of areas, but his discipline might be the best example.

You know what they say? 
"Happy Wife. Happy Life."

I couldn't be happier with our first year.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Mind, Body, Soul, and just being Miley?

I would like to introduce two new features into the blog today. Typically, an entry wouldn't include both features in one post, but I am overly excited. The first feature is called "mind, body, and soul." The idea is that a disease like Diabetes takes its toll - not only on your physical body - but on your mind and soul as well. Once a week, I want to break down what I have been doing to mitigate the negative effects Diabetes can have on each.


Diabetes can be a huge distraction and seem all-consuming at times. I find that only occurs when I am giving Diabetes a license to dwell in my headspace. During Bar Exam prep, my headspace is prime real estate, so while I will allow it to be a life tenant, it will NOT adversely possess my entire mind. WHOA. I have to stop thinking about the law in my downtime. That being said, investing hours every day focusing on the law and successful test-taking skills sharpens my intellect and provides me a welcome distraction from worrying about what is going on inside my body.


I spend a great deal of time on this blog talking about diet, fitness, and weight. Prior to diagnosis, these were valuable interests of mine, but they have taken on a new meaning now. Maintaining a healthy diet, exercise regimen, and healthy weight are crucial to effective Diabetes management. In my fitness life, a friend of mine, Karina Van Sickle, with whom I graduated from Rhodes, has introduced me to a vast majority of my fitness routines I have enjoyed over the past three years and continue to enjoy today. Her enthusiasm for health and fitness is contagious. For example, through Karina, I have done ChaLean Extreme, TurboFire, Pure Barre, and now Tone it Up (which starts Monday - another entry for another day). It is also so nice to have a friend with access to all of this valuable information on living a healthier lifestyle. Mega Shout-Out to Karina, or "The Guru," in my mind.

Here are Karina and I at the Move-It Memphis 10K


There are also a spiritual or philosophical consequences of having Diabetes. Try as you might to avoid it, you are often plagued with questions of why or how. These types of issues tend to be weighty if left unaddressed. Things that spoil your attitude or spirit can lead to problems with the mind and body as well. So, it is important to do the things that keep your chin up - exercise, meditate, go to church, take a bath, write in a journal, see a therapist, whatever the case may be for you.

The truth is, these all need to be tended to independently; however, neglecting one can have a profound impact on the others. Next week, I will depart from the general and tell you what I am doing that specific week to keep myself on track in all three areas. This was just an introduction for what is to come. I hope it is productive and enjoyable for all of us.

Okay, I said I was introducing two new features. The second feature could arguably fit under the "body" category. I like to borrow inspiration from celebrities who seem to maintain a healthy physique by doing things the right way. This week, I want to highlight my current inspiration, Miley Cyrus. Trust me, I never thought I would have occasion to say that.  I am not a huge fan of her music, but I am very impressed with her body's metamorphosis. Were I to find out that her body changed due to some unhealthy decisions or habits, I will gladly come back and renounce my praise. I did a little research on Miley's diet and fitness. She attributes the weight loss to a gluten-free and lactose-free diet. I have no idea if she actually has sensitivities to these things or if it is strictly a vanity choice, but I don't really think it matters. The information I found on her fitness is mostly about her use of Pilates as a workout of choice. Whatever the truth, she looks good. So, am I going to go gluten-free or lactose-free? Not unless I have to, but it is always nice to take in information about what does and does not work for people.

Now for more traditional blog features - 
Food as of Late:

You may recognize this as that breakfast sandwich I always post, but this one is 5 Carbs. The rest of the carbs from that meal came from the grapefruit. So, this is what I choose to do when I don't want to eat a whole lot of carbs first thing in the morning. 

This is what happens when your coffee mugs are dirty. A little Christmas spirit in June never hurt anyone.

This was yesterday's lunch: Tuna Bowl + Sugar-Free Jell-O with Cool Whip. 

My mom made me dinner last night. What do you see? Two chicken enchiladas (Old El Paso Enchilada Sauce + 2% Sharp Cheddar Cheese + 2 Corn Tortillas + Rotisserie Chicken + Black Beans + Light Sour Cream). Doesn't that sound good, normal, and filling? It only cost me 32 Carbs and $0. 

Oh, and I got the leftovers, so guess what I had for lunch today? Yep. Same thing minus black beans and sour cream and plus guacamole. 

I finally perfected the consistency of those Banana Protein Pancakes from the other day. Remember, they fell apart? These did not. And they are delicious! Are you wondering about that cloudy drink in the background? It is part of this Tone It Up plan. Although I am not really starting until next week, I thought I'd give this metabolism booster a try. It's not too bad if you're into having cayenne pepper in your beverages. I'm keeping an open mind. 

Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Harbor Town 5K

I slept through the Medicine 5K in May, so the Harbor Town 5K was my first race since diagnosis. I have run that distance plenty of times, but I hadn't tried an organized race. I was somewhat nervous only because I wasn't sure about the timing for snacks to keep from going low in the race. Psshhh... no problem. The race was at 7:00PM, and I ate a few Graham Crackers with Peanut Butter an hour before. I finished the race and read 113 mg/dL. Monica and I paced together, and it was such a pleasant race. We almost met our goal of under 30 minutes. I have only been able to do that once (27:40 at Race Judicata - I'm sure my mg/dL was 350). I believe we came in around 30:15 last night. Hey, I'll take it! The best part is getting to hang out with my buds. Five of us signed up, hung out before, and had dinner afterwards. Nothing can replace quality girl time, especially when one member of your wolfpack is moving away to North Carolina. Memphis is going to be so strange without Badica. In fact, we are doing a going-away function tonight with some folks at Local, and it is going to be bittersweet. I wish I could get a court order forbidding friends from ever moving away, but that wouldn't be too constitutional. SPEAKING of Barbri, I am in the process of rewriting a Professional Responsibility outline because the one in the purple book isn't in line with my logic whatsoever.

 I would prefer:

General Rule

This guy does:

General Rule

I am a huge fan of formatting things in logical ways, and this is not logical to me. Anyway, I digress...


Yesterdays lunch - tuna bowl, carrots and hummus and cheese and crackers.

This morning's breakfast - fried egg + muenster cheese + preserves on english muffin with apple + peanut butter.

...and for your viewing pleasure...