Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Who am I? The Diabetic Identity Crisis.

I know. I have been absent for a good while. I have been trying to focus my attention on the other blog, which I had passed off as the stepchild to this one for far too long. And, truthfully, there weren't many eventful Diabetes stories to tell you. Each day starts to look like the other when you are unemployed. I did get to go to a wonderful Diabetes dinner with my friend, Stephanie. We met two really nice women.

Today, I had an Endo appointment. You know, those quarterly check-ups to see how I am doing? One of those. I always come prepared with questions. I had a list - ask about OBGYNs, allergy medicines, and insulin pumps. The first thing I asked, however, was something like -  "you know last time when you gave me a C-Peptide test? You know how it came back in the normal range? Am I honeymooning because I feel like I am waiting for the bottom to fall out?" He began to explain to me the difference between Type 1 and Type 2 and mentioned something called Type 1.5. [Say, what?!] He told me he was willing to try me on oral medication instead of taking my mealtime shots. My pancreas actually makes half the insulin it needs. I will continue taking my Levemir at night. So, armed with samples, I went on my merry way.

Then the philosophizing started. What am I? Diabetic, sure. The insulin therapy seemed to be working in terms of getting my blood sugars lower. Why fix it if it ain't broke? Because maybe I can achieve control without the shots. Let's face it, that would be nice. So, I get to try it for a couple of weeks and report back my results. Guess what? That pesky weight-gain side effect I have been complaining about may become less of an issue with these oral meds. Though I am an optimist of sorts, I know when to be skeptical. I know we are merely trying something. There are no guarantees that this will be my "magic pill", and I could be back on Novolog in no time. I'll keep you posted.

What I have learned is that Diabetes, no matter the type, is so individualized. Sure, we love to find ourselves in community with one another and compare stories and provide encouragement. But no two management stories look the same. Right now, I feel like I am part of a science experiment. I came ready to talk about pumps and left with pills.

IN OTHER NEWS, The Walk For Diabetes is coming up the first weekend in October! I am walking again with Team BadaBing! The team has already received a lot of great donations and support. If you would like more information on attending or prefer to give your support in the form of a donation, click here! It is always a lot of fun! I hope to see you there ;)

Monday, September 10, 2012

Weekend Round-Up: September 7- 9

Did you guys have a good weekend? I certainly did. How about this weather?! The only downside is that ragweed runs rampant in Memphis, and my allergies can go bananas. That didn't stop me from having a productive weekend :) Here are some of the highlights.

Monica came in town, and we all went to Art on Tap at the Dixon Art Gallery.

Here we all are! When I got home, I realized my dress was on backwards all night long. If you trust me after that mishap, you can check out the fashion blog to see my getting-ready process.

Diabetes-wise, this event was difficult for me. They were offering beer and wine with our wrist-band. The food vendors offered things such as Gus' fried chicken/fish, chips and Guac, and tiny cuban sandwiches. Thank goodness we went to eat dinner after that! We rode out that storm with some great chats and dessert on the house!

Saturday, Andrew had to go to a funeral. His great-aunt passed away at 91. What a great, long life. I spent most of the day messing with blog stuff. However, when he got home, we went over to our friends Erika and Drew's to play Friends trivia. It amazes me how little I retain about the show compared to Andrew, and I have been watching it years longer than he has.

On Sunday, we went to the Germantown Festival. I look forward to it every year, but I never buy anything. It boggles my shopaholic mind! It's like my friends were saying - Pinterest makes crafts underwhelming because you think, "I could probably do that..." We brought Rosalyn with us, and she was so popular with kids. Two kids called her a squirrel. We were both pretty worn out after this weekend, so we went home and made dinner.

two avocado + cumin seed + cilantro + pepper + salt + lime juice =
jordan's "i hate onions and tomatos" guacamole 
why does it never look appetizing? 
oh, but it was...
as were our turkey tacos
corn tortillas + ground turkey + taco seasoning + fat free cheddar cheese + sour cream.

Today is Andrew's last 24-hour shift at The Med. I try to do productive things when I have the house to myself. He left me with a list of groceries to buy. He did something that made me think, "yep, that's why I married you..." He organized his grocery list by sections of the store. We usually go together, and we navigate the same path. So, he mentally walked through the store and made the list. Let me tell you, that was the quickest grocery trip I have ever made! I also ran 3-miles this morning. You cannot beat these temperatures. And I just finished organizing my cosmetics and such. Take a look.



the Mac drawer
the miscellaneous 

from a distance.
yes, that is the giant fish from the dexcom video.

happy me :)
Stay tuned this week for more videos, the Cooper Young Festival, and more fun!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Mind, Body, Soul: Friday edition

Mind: If you follow me on any social media, then you know what has been on my mind lately - politics. The problem is, while I am very opinionated, I hate confrontation. As a result, I don't think the world of social media would be my best platform for venting. Frankly, neither is this blog. That being said, I will use this blog to encourage people to vote. Your vote matters tremendously, and I hope at least one of the candidate's platforms resonates with you. Election season is a time of intense passion for our causes, but it can turn personal quickly. I am doing my best to be respectful.If you want to keep tabs on this election, a great website is this one. I know the candidates are suggesting otherwise, but the world will not end no matter the outcome of this election.    

Body: It has been a Pure Barre week for me. Tuesday - Friday. It has worked out well because the weather has either been stormy, hot, or both. Plus, when all I do is cardio, I feel as though I am missing out on the tone. When all I do is tone, I feel the need for cardio. I think cooler weather will help strike the balance. Also, I have a different race every Saturday of October -

This month, I do have the Cooper Young 4 - Miler, which is always a fun race! October is sure to be a fun month, but I am really enjoying September.

Soul: I thought to myself, am I a praying person? I used to. Andrew and I took turns praying out loud before bedtime. It kept us accountable and in tune with who else was struggling in our lives who might need our prayers. Then, somehow, we stopped. I think we both got drained, to be honest with you. It doesn't make a whole lot of sense. I had diagnosis, exams, and bar exam. He had/has rotations with very demanding hours. Excuses? Yep. These are nothing but mere excuses. In fact, one could argue, wouldn't these be the times in which you'd cling to prayer the most? You'd think. Prayer/religion/spirituality is not everybody's cup of tea. This I know. However, it is for Andrew and me. When we make prayer a priority, I am nicer to him and those around me. I am more compassionate and less annoyed. I am more at peace and less anxious. I am slower to judge or gossip. Why? All because I pray to be the best version of myself I can possibly be. That was my prayer last night, and I am glad to plug back in. It is a large part of who I am, and I am not going to put it on the back burner anymore.  

Stay Tuned: good friend, Monica Bada, is in town. The girls are going to a great function at the Dixon tonight. There will be a post on this blog as well as the fashion blog to follow. Have a great weekend. 

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Greenline, Football, and Lessons Learned

The month has already gotten off to a terrific start fitness-wise. I had a pretty active Labor Day. I ran 4-miles for the first time in a long time. Then, Andrew and I biked 6-miles in each direction on the Greenline. It was my first time, so I developed some opinions on the matter. First, why hadn't I done this sooner? It was quite fun! Second, why didn't I bring more water? Third, why did I think I could last 12-miles biking after running 4? I wish you guys could have seen me around the end. I was snapping at Andrew, "I just want to be home. In the bath. With some water." In retrospect, I loved it. I just need to know when enough is enough. How does one keep her blood sugar stable on such an active day? It involves glucose tabs, G2, and chocolate milk. Not together, obviously.

I did not take this picture. I found it on Pinterest. But I did pass it and think, "this is why I love Memphis."

I have a section of this blog entitled "Lessons Learned". Being a novice Diabetic, there are bound to be plenty. As you may have noticed, with Diabetes comes technology. With technology, comes expense. With losing your technology, comes expense. Andrew and I both had experiences in August when we accidentally disposed of an important piece of technology - nothing vital to my livelihood - but wasteful nonetheless. I am very pleased to say that, after a month of separation, Sexy Dexy and I are reunited [...and it feels so goooood]. I vow to keep a more watchful eye on my gear. I even ordered some more colorful skins for her to make her a more cheery piece of equipment. There is something more zen about reading about a high blood sugar from a pink machine than a gray one. 

What is joyful about September is the arrival of football season. For as long as I can remember, my brother made me watch Florida State football. Neither of us attended the school (though Morgan and I toured it - remember?!), but I have still made a point to root for them in college football. Listen, when your alma mater's team is Rhodes College, you are entitled to branch out. I have never been an avid follower of the NFL. I will watch a game, but I don't root for anyone. So, I have found a team. Based on what, you ask? A Type 1 Diabetic quarterback. Is that a legitimate reason? Who cares. Check out this cool interview with Jay Cutler and Larry King. 

Sunday, September 2, 2012

New Month: September

I don't think I have to stress any more how much I love new months. It is time to check in to see where old habits need to die and new ones be born. For example, I try to run three times per week at 3+ miles. I would like to push my frequency and my distance, but the weather has hovered in the unbearable 90s. So, in September, I will push frequency. In October, I will try to push distance.

What else to look forward to (blog-wise) in September?:

  • Video: Anxiety & Diabetes
  • Video: Sign-up for The Walk for Diabetes (Oct. 6)
  • Endo. Visit
  • Visit from Monica Bada
  • Baby Shower(s)
  • Vetting the Pump
  • Family Birthdays
  • Atlanta Visit - Emily Blaiss
  • Job Hunting
  • Recipes
  • Mumford & Sons album review
  • Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week (Spring 2013) - check fashion blog for the latest!
  • New iPhone 5

If I haven't said it enough, this blog helps me tremendously to vent and organize my thoughts on various aspects of my life. That being said, the fact that people have told me that they enjoy reading it has been such a joy. I worried that folks would not want to read about managing a disease they don't have, but it makes me feel like I have a strong support team holding me accountable for my physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Without social media and the blog universe, I might feel like the only person in the world with Diabetes. Because of social media, I feel empowered. So, THANKS for helping me make that happen. 

For all those who encourage me, it is time for me to encourage you - it is a NEW MONTH! A fresh set of 30-days to resolve to do something to better yourself. Maybe you want to walk every day. Maybe you want to add more vegetables into your diet. Maybe you want to learn more about politics. Whatever the case may be, start today! Time will move forward with or without your compliance, but wouldn't it be sweet to be on the path of improvement rather than decline? I have faith in you. Make like Nike and just do it. 

Event at the Dixon Art Gallery with the gals!

The best band ever drops a new album.