Monday, October 29, 2012

morning coffee musings: rant-style

The word on the street is that November is Diabetes Month. Well, that's exciting! I'll use that as an opportunity to educate myself. Right now, they are talking about obesity on The View. I am having mixed emotions. They are chatting with people who are battling their weight. These individuals and their loved ones pushed for change toward a healthier lifestyle due to a fear of developing health complications like Diabetes. I think we can all agree that this a good thing - whatever catalyzes change, right? The mixed emotions come in because in discussions such as these, they talk about Diabetes as though it is akin to a death sentence. I understand the "scare tactic", but very disconcerting as someone living with Diabetes. First of all, obesity didn't put me in the Diabetes camp. Even if it did, I wouldn't want to be talked to like a ticking time bomb. Here's a gal, on The View, diagnosed with Type 2 at age 12. She no longer has to take Metformin because she utilized diet and exercise to improve her Diabetes. Paula Dean just said, "that's the beauty of Type 2 Diabetes, it is reversible." I'm happy for Paula and this gal on The View, but as someone who is likely going to need medical assistance forever, it offers me little comfort regarding my own management. I am back to the weight I was before diagnosis, thanks to being off of Novolog and on Metformin. There's no more weight to be lost to improve my Diabetes, in line with the advice they give obese Type 2s. I was the most active I had ever been when I was diagnosed. To me, that points to Type 1. The fact that I produce half the insulin I need and have lovely blood sugar levels on Metformin points to Type 2, commonly associated with insulin resistance. All this talk about TYPES seems unproductive. I wish this disease would be more solution-oriented. Regardless of the type, let's do what works for us and delivers the good numbers. If it is diet and exercise, power to you - your solution is in your hands! If it is oral medications, let's use those. If it is injected insulin, let it be your lifeblood. I wish the medical community would just admit that Diabetes is not cut and dry. There are versions of Diabetes called MODY and LADA. Those haven't always been in the realm of consciousness. It seems that, for insurance purposes, physicians try to squeeze square pegs into round holes. I am not blaming anyone, except the system...maybe. Lord knows where I'd be without these physicians. I just like to call a spade to spade and acknowledge nuances. Well, that is a morning rant, my friends. Now I can get on with my week.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Ignorance is NOT Bliss

My undiagnosed life is a not-so-distant past. As I reflect on some of my favorite meals and snacks, I realize that to a Diabetic, they are disasters...and often deceptively so. I have always had an interesting relationship with food. My cravings always were in the form of sweets. If I try to strip away my sweets-cravings, some of my favorite meals were still certainly high-carb. I am not suggesting that I indulged in these types of meals on a daily basis [except when I was having Diabetes symptoms because I was ravenously hungry]. Because  I have always been active, I never thought twice about going to TCBY or ordering the tummy-warming McAlister's Cheddar Potato Soup in a Bread Bowl. As a Diabetic, all I can think of now is a Carb swirl with Carby Chips or Carb Soup in a Carb Bowl. Here is  how the thought-process has evolved for me.

Undiagnosed: Well, I did run three miles today. I am passing a TCBY. A Chocolate/Vanilla Swirl with Butterfinger sounds awesome. I think I'll stop in.

Diagnosed on Novolog injections: TCBY sounds good. What is my blood sugar? is okay. I could just give myself some insulin for it. I really need it? Nutritionally speaking? This Novolog made me gain weight on its own, so I probably shouldn't help it along with empty calories. 

Diagnosed on Oral Meds: TCBY sounds good. Man, I haven't had that in forever. Where is my blood sugar level? Oh, it is still coasting down from my last meal. I should probably just let it fall back to normal instead of eating this snack and having it jump back up again. It really isn't even the best use of a snack anyway...nutritionally speaking. 

Some days, I hate these extra layers of self-reflection. I wish I could just hop in the car and head to TCBY. I wish I could order the Brownie Sundae after a meal with my husband and think nothing of it beyond running it off later. Other days, I am glad I have trained my mind to really analyze the nutritional value of my meals and snacks. Diabetic or not, it is always good to know what you're putting into your body ... and why. My entire food life is one giant cost-benefit analysis.

Lessons Learned:

  • It is a carb-eat-carb world out there. For example, 1/2 cup of No-Sugar Added Vanilla Yogurt from TCBY is 21 carbs. Add Butterfinger? Sure, just add 10 more carbs. That Potato Soup in a Bread Bowl I mentioned...yes, carb-city. If you eat the soup and the whole bowl...131 carbs. Because McAlister's has a neat nutrition-calculator, I can determine the carb content were I to eat only half the bowl...approx 65 carbs. 
  • Though I may not actually be a Type 2 Diabetic (rather, just a 1.5 or Honeymooning Type 1), I am currently taking medications that a Type 2 would take. As such, I know a little bit about living as each. On Novolog, I was careful about what I ate because I was tired of getting heavier.  But I knew I could indulge because I had the medication to cover such indulgences. On Januvia, I am cautious about eating too many carbs in a meal because I am trusting one pill to provide sufficient control all day. My goal is not to rely on assistance from Novolog correction doses, so I restrict my overall intake of carbs. 

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Morning Coffee Musings: Bernstein Edition.

It is totally okay if you have no idea what is going on with the image above this text. First of all, I finger-sketched it on my iPad and added text - that's why it looks unprofessionally done. But it is the birth of a new feature - Morning Coffee Musings. I went on a rampage yesterday pinning coffee, people drinking coffee, places where people buy coffee, contraptions in which you brew coffee, coffee on tables with magazines. It's not that I am obsessed or addicted to drinking coffee. I like to have a cup in the morning like the next guy. These images evoked such positive emotions in me. Coffee, to me, signifies productivity, introspection, and coziness. It makes me want to contemplate the mysteries of the universe, organize my planner, wear sweaters that cover my hands, and breathe in the crisp air. So, basically, Morning Coffee Musings will entail a brain-dump of what is on my mind when coffee gets the creative juices flowing. Want to see what pins inspired me? Check out my Java Jubilee Pin Board. 

Now that you have been properly introduced, let us begin. Yesterday, I re-read Dr. Bernstein's novel Dr. Bernstein's Diabetes Solution. When I first read it, I was deep in the world of insulin shots and carb-counting. I found the novel so demoralizing and felt it advocated loftier-than-necessary ideals on how to manage Diabetes. Imagine limiting yourself to 6 carbs at breakfast, and 12 carbs for lunch and dinner (each). For those of you keeping up, that is about 30 carbs per day. He gives you recipe ideas and various ways to prove to you, the reader, that it is possible. Now that I am on oral meds, managing Diabetes through my diet feels much more important. As opposed to insulin shots to cover the carb-content of your choosing, I have one pill that is supposed to do its job all day. So, the blood sugar spikes after a meal can be directly traced to my meal's carb-content and not to insufficient insulin dosing. The fewer carbs, the tighter the control. Easier said than done, yes. After all, carbs are what make me feel full and satisfied - or so I have been trained to think. I just had a two-egg ham and cheese omelet for breakfast. I am drinking coffee with a splash of milk and Truvia. I am confident I can walk away meeting the goal of 6 carbs or less. What's the trick? Protein. According to this book [and logic], it is ideal to have your blood sugar back down to a "normal" [debatable as to the meaning] level before the next meal. For example, if I eat a carb-heavy breakfast at 9:00AM with my fasting blood sugar around 80 mg/dL, my blood sugar may still be around 130-140 mg/dL by the time I am ready for lunch. That means I am starting out a little high and my eating a sandwich would boost me up even higher, and the cycle would likely continue for dinner. So, I have decided to give this "diet" a fair shot for a week and log the blood sugar levels. If I feel amazing and the levels are ideal, then I may try to make this a lifestyle. My goal, as with the goal of Dr. Bernstein, is to keep Diabetics who may be producing insulin [honeymooning] in that honeymoon phase indefinitely. He believes it is possible with proper control and medication. And honestly, what do I have to lose?

Friday, October 19, 2012

TGIF & Memphis Music

You know, Memphis gets a bad wrap most of the time. We top crime lists, obesity lists, and infant mortality lists. I say...statistics shmatistics. Let it be known that I love Memphis. I am not suggesting that my city doesn't have flaws. It does! But I have tried to train myself not to see my city's flaws and decide I need to be somewhere else; instead, I have tried to see a city with flaws and be a part of the solution. Memphis has a lot more to offer than crime and Diabetes. We have history richer than gold. We have an amazing assortment of restaurants. We rally around our sports teams. Perhaps most importantly, we have a constant outpouring of wonderful music.

Have any of you had an opportunity to listen to Kait Lawson? Let me tell you - this is really something special. The songs are catchy. The lyrics have grit and depth. Her voice is amazing. I feel very lucky to  have an inside track to Memphis music, and I am very excited about the talent coming out of Madjack Records soon. Don't believe me? Check it out. Want to see it live? [There is nothing like seeing it live.]

Kait is having a CD Release Party.
When? November 3, 2012. 
Time? 8:00 PM
Where? HiTone 

I promise you will not regret stopping in to see such a wonderful local talent. If all the negative press has been weighing on you over the years, let this uplift you and restore your faith in what Memphis has to offer. There is a lot more that meets the eye.

Courtesy of the Madjack Records Website

TGIF, Readers! Enjoy your city this weekend.

Monday, October 15, 2012

6-Month Anniversary with Diabetes: Letters

Dearest Diabetes,

Like any new relationship, the journey to get to know you has been an interesting one. I wasn't sure what to expect. I didn't know how we would get along. Finally, I didn't know if things would be deceptively easy. You are compared to marriage, in a sense. Marriage has a "honeymoon phase" in which a couple is still fueled by newfound love and commitment, oblivious to the realities of making a marriage work. You offer a similar situation. Sometimes you are much easier to manage because you are having some assistance from my pancreas' continued insulin production. In marriage, the honeymoon eventually subsides, and the relationship is nurtured now by how we handle life's challenges. Dearest Diabetes, we, too, may leave this honeymoon one day. You may take me on a journey riddled with unexpected challenges, but our commitment to each other can carry us through anything.

Maybe the next phase for us will be more like that of mother and child. Instead of cooperating with one another, you will be completely at my mercy. It will be up to me to nurture, protect, and control you. You will offer me potential rebellion, and I will have to adapt and re-adapt to that reality. With time, we will eventually learn to work cooperatively again. We will meet new challenges.

Dearest Diabetes, I never would have chosen for you to come into my life. In fact, you invaded like a thief in the night. Now, you feel like the roommate that won't leave. To have and to hold. Til death do us part. You aren't like marriage in all aspects. I cannot divorce you. Of course, I always hope divorce is a last resort for anyone, but in our case, Diabetes...I'd have quit you yesterday if I knew how. You see, the goal in marriage is forever. The goal in Diabetes is an amicable divorce.

I'll continue to write you as the milestones mount. I wasn't happy to meet you, and now you're just a tough pill to swallow...quite literally.


Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Big News: Bar Exam.

Oh, hi. Today is the day. So, I thought I'd give a play-by-play, starting at 11:00 a.m. That way, you will get a live account of my emotions. I'll post it later in the day, so I am merely saving as I go along.

11:00: Well, my soap opera comes on. Have I told y'all about this? You see, when I was very young, my mom watched The Price is Right and Young and the Restless. These are CBS morning shows. At some point, I started watching it with her, and I still watch it. I blame her for this obsession, and she blames me for Keeping up with the Kardashians. I think that's a fair assessment. Anyway, all I know how to do on a day like this is try to be "normal". That includes watching my normal shows. But how do I feel? A little nauseated. I slept well. I had no problem falling asleep, and I am thankful for that. I am checking my social media periodically, but I haven't been on the Bar Examiners' website yet. I have received several reassuring, sweet messages from friends. It means a lot to know people are thinking of me, but it also makes me all the more nervous. I have eaten breakfast, and I am waiting for a phone call from Emily Blaiss with the results. I have no idea when to expect them, which adds to the anxiety.

I'll update you at noon. In the meantime, here is a picture/memory of bar prep:

12:00: Hey again. Anxiety has not subsided. I am actually experiencing heartburn. I keep flashing back to the essays I screwed up and the terrible multiple choice results I had during prep. Of course, I failed, I think to myself, unable to find the silver-lining. Fingers crossed as I watch last night's Project Runway.

1:00: Ugh. Still nothing. The rumor mill is in full force on Facebook, and the consensus is that it will be out mid-to-late afternoon. Like good law graduates, people followed up and investigated what that means. 3:00 - 5:00 is the thinking. So, what am I doing now that I have run out of shows? [Glee failed to record yesterday...] I am about to take my dog on a long walk. I can zen out on walks. It will also be nice to get some exercise considering I just ate cheese and bites of 6-day-old cake for lunch. 

2:00: You guessed it, still waiting. The good news is that I worked off a bit of anxiety by subjecting my dog to an Olympic-caliber dog walk. It totaled about 40 minutes. There seems to be a lull in the social media world. I feel that, in this lull will come news. And soon. I did hear from my dad, and they are on the plane heading back home from Jamaica. I would love to be able to deliver good news to them. There have been so many great, reassuring voices throughout this experience. They say things like, "I have all the confidence in the world that you passed." It's nice when others have the confidence that I so obviously lack in situations such as these. 

2:22 THE NEXT DAY: That can't be good, right? Well, if any of you follow me on Facebook or checked the entire roster of law students, you already know that I did not pass the bar exam. However, as promised (and as Queen Over-sharer), I am chronicling that experience as well. This is how it happened. I saw someone on Facebook mention that the results were online. So, I texted Emily and told her to look. Her response to me was, "I think you should take a look." That could mean anything, so I didn't overthink it. After all, when you pass, there is nothing quite like seeing for yourself, right? After spending entirely too long determining that "Holtz" is not "Holt", it hit me. As you can imagine, it wasn't pretty. In a few words: embarrassing. disappointing. defeating. I knew for a while that it was a distinct possibility that I would fail. It wasn't because I didn't finish the exam or freaked out in the middle of it. Truthfully, having worked as hard as I did, I am eager to see what went wrong. I believe they'll send me a breakdown of the score. I joked that if I failed that I would blame Diabetes, but I am not going to pull that card. It wasn't a direct issue for me during Bar Prep in that it stayed in control. Whether it was a subconscious hardship, I will never know. Sure, I wanted to be able to tell the story that I was diagnosed in April, graduated law school in May, studied until July, and passed in October. So, that's not going to be the story...big deal.  I'm not one for excuses. It is what it is, and it is time to decide where to go from here. It's time to write a new chapter. 

I don't have to decide this minute. Thank Goodness. But I do need to do some soul-searching and answer some big questions. The first one to knock out is do I want to do this again? There is another exam in February for which I could sit. Honestly, if i do decide to do that, it will be to prove to myself that I can do it. The thought, "oh crap! now, i can't practice law!"  never crossed my mind when I learned I didn't pass. I loved law school. I'd probably do it all over again, but I never developed a desire to practice law. In fact, the whole time I have been waiting for results, I have been cultivating other interests. There are plenty of things I could do and be happy. It is a matter of assessing the situation, making executive decisions, and accomplishing the goal. So, I'm thinking of it like this - what would make me happy? what do I need to do to get there? [school? certificate?] I do know a few things. I'll be okay whatever I do. At the end of the day, I won't care about hours billed or salaries earned. I hope to maintain quality time with family and friends. I hope to maintain a healthy relationship with Diabetes and my overall health. Finally, I hope to find a career that feels like a great fit. Confidence is not my strong suit these days, but I am confident I'll find my way. 

[Note: I was very tempted to erase this post immediately after "The Big News", but I am hoping that, as time passes, I'll be glad I shared the story...not just for myself, but for anyone who has gone through similar setbacks. I'll gladly put my ego on the line for that.]

Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Build Up: Big News Eve

Looking back, I will be glad that I blogged about my bar exam experience...even up until Big News Eve. Eeeevveennn if the Big News is bad, I will be glad I chronicled the emotions and anxieties going on along the way. 

So, what have I done to distract myself today? Andrew and I did a three-mile jog. He is sweet to come down to my pace just to keep me company. Then, I watched my morning shows. Theeennn, I made lunch. I don't oft make lunch beyond assembling a sandwich, but I was feeling inventive. I blame Pinterest. From there, I went shopping at Urban Outfitters. Flannel shirt + corduroys = so 90s. I won't elaborate... that is more fashion blog material. Afterward, I was delighted to vist my nephew and deliver him a toy I bought at Urban Outfitters [below]. The day continued on a positive note when Andrew and I visited the new Central BBQ Downtown location. That place was nice and spacious! I was a bit concerned, however. You see, BBQ sauce has sugar. I know this. Want to give yourself a Diabetes scare? Eat BBQ. Don't wash your hands. Then, check your blood sugar. The number will be the craziest false-high ever. I ordered it anyway. I ordered the pulled pork, greens, and macaroni (my favorite carb). No spike. I sit here, at 123 mg/dL. I wonder if the run early in the day set a favorable tone for my blood sugar? If so, I'm going to make a habit out of that. You know what I did next. I didn't watch sports. I didn't watch Glee or Project Runway (on tomorrow's distraction agenda). I watched the debate. At least, I think that's what it was. I don't know if it was the format or demeanor, but I was put-off by it all. 

So, tomorrow...what's the big plan? Distraction. Go about my day. Breakfast + Exercise + Lunch + TV  + Blogging + Waiting anxiously by my phone for Emily Blaiss to deliver news in either direction. I can't, for my own sanity, play the refresh game all day. 

Central BBQ
Quinoa Stir Fry = Quinoa + Fried Egg + Green Peas + Garlic + Sesame Seeds + Cumin + Salt + Pepper 

This is Boo, the dog. I had no idea it was an internet sensation. I just saw it at Urban Outfitters and thought to myself, " this looks like your dog. Zen should have it." I told Zen the dog was named "Ros". Now, he will associate it with my pup.

okay, so maybe Roslayn has a little more fur.
and maybe her snout is a little longer...
but you get the idea. 

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Build-Up: Wednesday

this doesn't help me with the bar exam, but wise nonetheless...

I'm trying to gear up and calm down at the same time. How? Green tea and running, so far. I distract myself with television, internet, debates, and shopping, but it doesn't change the fact that the Big News is coming. I have no idea what time on Friday it will be here, but it is coming. I have instructed a friend to give me the news. I will not be in the business of refreshing the page. It will be the end of me. I haven't done that since...well, a month ago when I wanted the iPhone 5, but that's neither here nor there.

These results don't define my future or my happiness. Don't get me wrong, I will be ecstatic if the news is good, because one test has never made me feel so defeated. But if I don't pass, I'll be fine. I have a lot of different interests worth cultivating. So, yes, I am trying to build up a healthy mindset going into Friday.

Friends, this test doesn't define you either. The classmates I sat among are some of the brightest minds I have ever encountered and no test is going to change my opinion on that matter.

Monday, October 8, 2012

The Build-Up: Monday

Well, we've made it. After all the blogging about diagnosis, studying, the test, and unemployment, results-week is finally here. This Friday, I find out whether or not I passed the bar exam. I toyed with the idea of not reminding anyone of that fact. It would be easier, after all, to fail and hide. But that simply wouldn't be my nature. I am the over-sharing type, remember? I am also proactive. So, I am spending this week mentally and emotionally preparing myself for the big news. That includes having a game-plan if I pass and a game-plan if I fail.

It has been a fun Monday so far. I had lunch with some girlfriends at Buckley's Lunch Box, but I wasn't ready to go home afterward. I thought to myself, where do I like to kill time? Easy. Bookstores. So, off to Davis Kidd Booksellers (or whatever they call themselves these days). Bookstores can be so overwhelming, but I find comfort in them. I think they speak volumes about our American culture. I noticed an entire section on the economy, career-building, job-searching, money-managing, etc. After taking several laps around the store, I determined this was the section I needed to explore.

My best friend in a bookstore is a cup of joe. It makes the experience that much more rich. 
This is what I mean by defining our American culture. There is a tutorial for everything. If you can't make it here, you can't make it anywhere, right? I remember being in this exact same bookstore right when law school started, purchasing books on how to survive law school. Guess what? I survived! 

Well, what did I come away with, you ask? A book called What Color is Your Parachute: A Practical Manual for Job-Hunters and Career Changers by Richard Bolles. He updates the book every year to fit the current market, and I have to admit I have been dying for some professional guidance. I'll share little tidbits with you along the way. It has already helped shape my perspective before the "Big News."

Am I the only sucker for introspective self-help books? I love being forced to ask myself the hard questions. I find that in the thick of the hard questions, you finally stumble on self-discovery.
Remind me to turn back to this quote if the Big News is bad. I think it is true that our lives can take unexpected twists and turns. Heck, I never planned for Diabetes, but here I am in the throws of it. Maybe it has never been a good thing to have tunnel vision when it comes to your career. Maybe the ability to see outside the "plan" is a healthy thing. 

Ah, yes. The discussion section. I still find it awkward to write what I consider an "I'm Awesome" section. There is something a bit strange about writing, "I am a great communicator. I am very organized."Ugh. It just sounds like an ego-robot. But that is the name of the game. My goal is to discover my real strengths and weaknesses and use that to shape my path.

Here are my career possibilities: 
  • Law - Attorney.
  • Journalism - Blogging, Broadcast, or Print.
  • Teaching - English, Government (not kids).
  • Fashion - Blogging, Designing, Store owner.

It is important for me not to think about the bar exam every waking hour of the day. I can still enjoy Fall and dinners with Andrew. 

Friday, October 5, 2012

Unemployment means...

...enjoying cozy fall days.
it isn't cold yet
but it is coming. 
and i have some great tips for getting into the fall mood.
via turkey feathers

Different things appeal to different people. This isn't news, of course. I have a variety of methods of putting myself in the perfect fall mood. One way is to watch the right movies/shows. Suggestions: Gilmore Girls (for the backdrop alone). Little Women (good for wintery moods as well). Mona Lisa Smile (for the intellectual soul). Another way is with the right music. When I want to brace myself for cold weather, I pop in Michael Buble. And the music the defies all seasons - Mumford & Sons. duh.  You can also perk up the fall festiveness through taste. Add cinnamon to your teas and coffee. Pumpkin Spice up your life (oh yea - spice girls reference was intentional). Make soup (recipe below!) One of my greatest mood boosters is through my sense of smell. As I type, I am burning two of my favorite candles. One is a Pet Odor candle from Hollywood Feed (glamorous, I know) in Pumpkin Spice. The other is Bath & Body Works Candle called Leaves. Needless to say, my house smells cozy. Finally, getting out in the ambience is helpful. Go to a pumpkin patch. Take the dog on a walk and feel the crisp breeze. Photograph the changing leaves. Buy some mums. Well, I think that covers all the senses. Now, there is no excuse not to have a cozy, spirited Autumn season.

In other news, this is a diabetes blog, so how about a diabetes update? I've been off of shots and on pills for 1.5 weeks now. Things are going swimmingly. There are still some similarities. For example, pizza  is still a foe. I had almost gone this whole time without ever hitting 200mg/dL, but pizza ruined the streak. The Januvia I am on now has no side effects that I have noticed, which is great. On the Jentadueto, which contains Metformin, I had no appetite and felt nauseated all day. No wonder they say it can aid in weight loss. So, I take my Januvia once in the morning. At night, I still take Levemir, but I have reduced the dose from 13 units to 8 units. I was advised by the endo to lessen the dose if I wake up below 80, and I was routinely waking up in the 60s. The attitude I am approaching this with is one of open-mindedness. This Honeymoon could end anytime. Or maybe it won't. There is a lot of joy lost in wondering which way it will turn out, so I am endeavoring to enjoy it one day at a time.

TOMORROW - is the great MidSouth Walk for Diabetes. I am walking with Team BadaBing! What a great network of friends and family who routinely come out to support this worthy cause. I feel so blessed to be included in this team. Without the Bada family, I would be so much more lost. I owe a lot of my mental and physical well-being to their encouragement, and that's why I consider it nothing short of an honor to walk alongside them tomorrow. So, to the whole family - a heartfelt THANK YOU. 
A little iPhone panorama - pumpkin patch with mom!

This is my mom's vegetable soup recipe. Ingredients: Tomato Juice + Sirloin Steak + Beef Broth + Veg-All (one can of small veggies + one can of large veggies) + Can of Corn + Can of Green Beans. You can put the tomato juice + broth in the pot early in the day. Cut up the steak and brown it. Put the steak in the pot with the juice. Cook on low for hours. About 30 minutes before you want to eat, add the veggies (draining the juice). My mom makes it with cornbread, but cornbread is diabetes unfriendly, so I used unsalted crackers. 

Monday, October 1, 2012

New Month: October Edition

Not only is it a new month, it is the first day of a really exciting month. Ahhh, October. What have you in store for my life socially and diabetically? [new word? sure.] We will discuss. First, we all know by now that I have a thing about starting new habits at the turn of the month. This month, I plan on working out 6 x per week for over 30 minutes each day. This will include running, Pure Barre, and some workouts I have pinned. The two below are on my agenda this week! I don't make them up, but I follow a great blogger who does :) I am also going to cook more crockpot recipes (oh, stay tuned). I will drink green tea every day. I will stay hydrated. I will take my vitamins! It's the little things, people...[i hope].

What else makes October exciting? 
  • Well, I have a race every weekend! Okay, well one is a walk. Not just any walk, but THE WALK FOR DIABETES. Come party with us! 
  • I get results from the Tennessee Bar Exam on October 12. Just promise not to judge me no matter the outcome. 
  • Halloween. I have no idea what I am doing for Halloween, but it is always a fun time!
  • We have a cluster of friend and family birthdays in October. One of these birthdays will be the birth of a friend's baby, Louise :) Happy times!
  • It is a fresh month of trying new medication. I hope my A1c on pills is as good as my A1c on shots. You know I'll keep you posted.
  • A lot of my Fall shows come back....namely, Gossip Girl and Hart of Dixie. 
  • My family has been involved in Memphis music for as long as I can remember. This month, there are some exciting CD releases, stay tuned for more information. In the meantime,  check out the Madjack Records site!
  • Most importantly, the Presidential/Vice-Presidential debates all fall in October. The first one is this Wednesday. If you do nothing else this week, inform yourself on our candidates' positions.
  • More Randoms: football. basketball. colder weather. oktoberfest beer. pumpkin patches. mums. crockpot soups.