Monday, September 10, 2012

Weekend Round-Up: September 7- 9

Did you guys have a good weekend? I certainly did. How about this weather?! The only downside is that ragweed runs rampant in Memphis, and my allergies can go bananas. That didn't stop me from having a productive weekend :) Here are some of the highlights.

Monica came in town, and we all went to Art on Tap at the Dixon Art Gallery.

Here we all are! When I got home, I realized my dress was on backwards all night long. If you trust me after that mishap, you can check out the fashion blog to see my getting-ready process.

Diabetes-wise, this event was difficult for me. They were offering beer and wine with our wrist-band. The food vendors offered things such as Gus' fried chicken/fish, chips and Guac, and tiny cuban sandwiches. Thank goodness we went to eat dinner after that! We rode out that storm with some great chats and dessert on the house!

Saturday, Andrew had to go to a funeral. His great-aunt passed away at 91. What a great, long life. I spent most of the day messing with blog stuff. However, when he got home, we went over to our friends Erika and Drew's to play Friends trivia. It amazes me how little I retain about the show compared to Andrew, and I have been watching it years longer than he has.

On Sunday, we went to the Germantown Festival. I look forward to it every year, but I never buy anything. It boggles my shopaholic mind! It's like my friends were saying - Pinterest makes crafts underwhelming because you think, "I could probably do that..." We brought Rosalyn with us, and she was so popular with kids. Two kids called her a squirrel. We were both pretty worn out after this weekend, so we went home and made dinner.

two avocado + cumin seed + cilantro + pepper + salt + lime juice =
jordan's "i hate onions and tomatos" guacamole 
why does it never look appetizing? 
oh, but it was...
as were our turkey tacos
corn tortillas + ground turkey + taco seasoning + fat free cheddar cheese + sour cream.

Today is Andrew's last 24-hour shift at The Med. I try to do productive things when I have the house to myself. He left me with a list of groceries to buy. He did something that made me think, "yep, that's why I married you..." He organized his grocery list by sections of the store. We usually go together, and we navigate the same path. So, he mentally walked through the store and made the list. Let me tell you, that was the quickest grocery trip I have ever made! I also ran 3-miles this morning. You cannot beat these temperatures. And I just finished organizing my cosmetics and such. Take a look.



the Mac drawer
the miscellaneous 

from a distance.
yes, that is the giant fish from the dexcom video.

happy me :)
Stay tuned this week for more videos, the Cooper Young Festival, and more fun!

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